Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recess before lunch improves student behavior.

Once you think about this it makes sense. An article in the Michigan School Board Association Headlines magazine shows how we let students play, and eat has a BIG impact on how they behave. Follow this link to get the publication: MSAB 4/3/2006.

Others can read this:
Traditionally lunch precedes recess at most schools. However, a new pilot study by the Montana Team Nutrition Program shows that flipping lunch with recess can dramatically improve students’ behavior. Researchers monitored 1,112 K-8 students during the 2002-03 year. They noticed that when students had lunch before recess they often spent less than five minutes eating lunch in order to rush out to play. What’s more, several students just ate chips or a candy bar. The sugar and fat from those snacks hit the students’ systems 90 minutes later—when most teachers reported peak discipline problems. When students ate lunch after recess, teachers reported fewer problems. At one school, when lunch was moved until after recess:• the amount of wasted food dropped 50 percent;• lunchroom discipline referrals dropped from 183 to 36; and• after-lunch discipline referrals dropped from 96 to 22. Source: Education USA. For more, contact Katie Bark, project coordinator, kbark@mt.gov.

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Anonymous said...

Recess before lunch is a good idea unless it is immediately before lunch and there are too many students and not enough sinks.
Then kids are coming in from a playground sometimes spotted with bird droppings into lunch to eat their finger foods and all of them cannot get to the sinks.
Some schools have passed on this idea for this reason. Others have asked for parent donation of baby wipes. I kid you not. When called on it that eventually switched to sanitizing wipes but the health dept. cautioned against this.
Yet the practice continues.
MRSA, viruses, mono and other illness are here and the viral skin disease molluscum is epidemic.