Thursday, March 29, 2007

Legislators Gone Wild!

Today we find the honorable Andy Meisner (District 27) submitting a bill that would allow teacher unions to negotiate a ban on privatizing bus, custodial or food service operations. Why a teacher union should seek to control this type of issue is beyond me. And let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that privatization is a panacea for school districts. But it should be an option open to exploration by local school boards. I also know that privatization is not typically contracted with unionized organizations, but the operative question is this: why would a school district explore the privatization option? The answer is always related to cost control or cost containment. And what would school districts want to do with the potential savings? They would want to provide more funds to help pay for TEACHERS! What a concept, districts seeking to save money so that they can continue to support their core mission – the education of Michigan’s children. Apparently, Representative Meisner believes it’s more important to handcuff districts that explore different options to support the continued employment of teachers. What could motivate him (campaign contributions) to propose this foolish bill? What good (contributions for Meisner) could it possibly do for children, school districts, and teachers? Send Representative Meisner a note ( - tell him HB 4533 is bad idea, it’s bad for teachers, bad for kids, and bad for Michigan. Make sure you contact your district representative to tell them how you feel about this too!

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