Monday, June 04, 2007

Birmingham Public Schools - Character Education Matters

The Birmingham Public School District (BPS) has many over 8,200 reasons to be proud, and now there is another accomplishment to add to the list. Out of 110 schools recognized nationally, EIGHT Birmingham Schools have been granted the 2007 Promising Practices Award from the Character Education Partnership (CEP). The schools are: Berkshire, Beverly, Bingham Farms, Derby, Greenfield, Pembroke, and West Maple. This recognition is remarkable, and is enhanced by the addition of Birmingham Covington School’s recognition as a National School of Character winner – one of only ten such winners in the nation. This award carries a $20,000 grant which will be awarded at CEP’s 14th National Forum on Character Education. The theme for the event is “Investing in America’s Future.”

Character education is part of the BPS strategic plan and every school in the district has embraced the plan goals. We can all be proud of the recognition while celebrating the dedication of our staff, teachers, administration, parents, and most importantly our students. Public education works and when it functions in harmony with a student centered strategic plan the accomplishments are extraordinary.


Ed U. Cayshun said...

Way to go BPS. It's my opinion that values that aren't being emphasized in the home, such as those being taught with character ed, need to be taught at school. It is unfortunate that our children need to learn these things at school but I'm glad that these type of districts are stepping up to the plate in such a successful way.

Ed U. Cayshun

Maureen Francis said...

That is great recognition!