Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michigan's Budget and K12 Funding in 6 1/2 Minutes or Less

Less than 6 1/2 minutes - that's all I ask to help you understand Michigan's budget, and how K12 funding is impacted by the big picture. The video below is a high definition walk through of a document I created: Michigan Funding All Sources. It looks complex - but it's very simple once you've absorbed the flow of information.

You can download the document to follow along; I recommend just viewing the video in full screen mode - the resolution should be very good. My hope is that you'll get a better understanding of Michigan's budget. At the same time you'll grasp some of the long term challenges facing local school boards. In a small way I think this video is representative of what our district is doing in creating 21st Century Learners. The video is best viewed in HD - you'll be redirected to the HD version by pressing the HD button once the video starts. The other option is YouTube (choose to view in HD). Thanks, Rob.

Michigan Funding in Under 6 1/2 Minutes from Robert Lawrence on Vimeo.

Option on YouTube:

View video on YouTube - Choose Watch in HD

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