Friday, October 16, 2009

An Now for Something Completely Different

I've been working with a very talented team of people for the last six months putting together a new non-profit initiative call the Michigan Security Network. This effort, initiated by CEO Leslie Touma, is designed to bring new jobs to Michigan that focus on opportunities in the Cyber Security, Bio-Defense, and Boarder Defense areas of the Homeland Defense Network. We’ve created a partnership of Universities and corporations that links schools like Wayne State University, U of M, Michigan State, and Lawrence Tech, with firms like General Dynamics, DTE, Roush and Dow to support virtual incubators for promising research applications and spin out opportunities from existing corporations.

Additional support is provided by the Kauffman Foundation and Wayne State through "FastTrac Training" to facilitate technology startups. The objective of this work is to retain and recruit new jobs for Michigan's technologically advanced work force. The inaugural event is November 4th; a conference at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn featuring Bruce Davidson the Director of Department of Homeland Security, Reandal Charlton, the executive director of TechTown, Parney Albright President and Vice Chairman of Civitas Group, Dr. Farnam Jahanian Chairman/Founder of Arbor Networks, Ken Theis, Chief Information Officer for the State of Michigan, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, and others. This kickoff event will help show case the massive amount of talent and energy Michigan can bring to bear in this $113 billion a year industry.

The conference (register here) also represents a small step towards a new future for Michigan's students. The skills required for the innovative work in this industry aline with the goals of Birmingham's 21st Century Learning objectives.

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