Wednesday, December 02, 2009

MEA Director Pay Increases: 9.5% is the Median

It’s time for the annual update on MEA compensation increases. From the Department of Labor web site the annual report from the MEA on financial activity reveals that life is very good for those at the top of the MEA. This year the average increase in total pay (NOT including health care, pension, and other non-pay benefits) was over 19% For statisticians, the more interesting number is the increase in median pay of 9.5%

These numbers are facts and reported as delivered by the MEA to the federal government. The document is "searchable" and you can also download the full report (choose "NEA" as Union Name, "Michigan" as State, and "LM - 2" as Report Type and click Submit to get the full report. Here is a site that walks you through the process.

The increases come in an environment where tax payers are seeing 10% to 20% reductions in pay and benefits, where job losses continue to mount, where tax revenues are falling billions short of projections, and where everyone is calling for shared sacrifices to balance budgets and save jobs.

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