Sunday, December 09, 2012

2012 MEA Compensation Comparison

Recently the annual LM2 report for the MEA was filed with the Department of Labor. This report (required by the Department of Labor) details the compensation for all officers and employees of the Michigan Education Association; you can find the simple analysis of the report here (also shown below), and the complete report here. As has been the case for years, compensation at the parent organization (the MEA is the state level organizing unit of the NEA) is consistently stronger than for the rank and file teachers. This years report is interesting becuase of the reduction in total MEA staff employment. Compensation at the top decreased slightly, possibly as a reflection of declining membership. The average increase continues to outpace the CPI at over 15% but this is influenced by timing issues (some individuals may have come onto the payroll mid year, etc.) and other adjustments. The median increase in compensation for all MEA staff was 1.11%. This fact remains, life is very good at the top of the MEA ladder, in fact all top ten MEA officers continue to earn more than Governor Snyder (his annual compensation is $159,300).

If you are an MEA member, you can search these reports by name to see what your UniServe director's compensation - to find your UniServe diretor see this link to the MEA website.

MEA Salaries 2012

Focusing on the compensation for the top earners at the MEA, the picture continues to reveal earnings that significanly exceed the pay grade of all elected officials in state government.
MEA Top Ten Salaries 2012

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