Friday, December 21, 2012

The NRA "solution"

Dear NRA:
In your world, having armed guards in schools along with a national registration of individuals suffering from mental illness will cure all ills. Great. 

So, if someone is not on the "list" here is what they'll do: They'll still be able to buy any assault rifle they want at that community bazaar known as a Gun and Knife "show" because you think background checks are some violation of personal rights or freedoms. Of course such a violation does not occur for the mentally ill to be “registered” in a Federal database. Regardless, they’ll also be able to buy armor piercing rounds because you never know when you’ll encounter an armored deer and every American should be able to hunt armored deer. In addition, because you’ve opposed any limitation on high capacity magazines, they’ll be loading up that armor piercing round into a 100 round clip because an armored deer is going to be tough to take down; they can’t afford to miss an armored deer so a hail of rounds should drop that sucker AND have the added benefit of instantly creating a delicious stew!

So now this person is traveling to school and they encounter Mr. armed security guard. Of course they'll be threatened by him so Mr. armor piercing high capacity magazine assault rife toting non-mentally-ill registered gun owner unloads on that person FIRST! Why, because they’ll be protected by your Stand Your Ground laws and they felt threatened by another guy with a gun. But now this person has snapped and they extend their rampage.... 

Thanks for protecting my schools NRA. Clearly the big mistake was that the shooter didn’t self-register on the Federal Mental Health Issue List, yes -- that was the problem.... 

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