Friday, June 06, 2014

Burning Bridges and Lifting Spirits

First the burning bridges, or “How to lose credibility and wreck a relationship in four easy steps:”

First, negotiate and craft a process with your partners in “good faith” and then explicitly agree to the metrics of that process. Second, allow the process, as negotiated, to proceed. Third, flame the fires of anxiety and misperception regarding the process and its metrics while “conveniently” forgetting that you helped to craft the process and its metrics. Fourth, berate your partners in public by implying that you had nothing to do with the process or the metrics of that process.

Such is the state of relationship building today. 

Second, the lifting spirits, or “Thank you for writing!”

Today I received a note from a parent that wanted to share their experience. I will not divulge the particulars, but I have to share the heart of the message. This person’s child moved from a difficult situation into Birmingham Schools as a new student. In praising the building’s staff, special note was made regarding the principal and homeroom teacher. Both individuals were dedicated to ensuring this child not only felt safe in a new school, but helped to weave this child into the fabric of the classroom and school community. This principal and teacher worked together to make the life of this child better. In the child’s own words these two helped to “…give me the chance to be a better student.” They made a difference in the life of this child.

It does not get better than that, which makes the first half of this post tolerable. 

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