Monday, October 08, 2007

The Budget Shell Game

I've resisted posts about the state budget because local school districts still don't know what our funding is going to look like. In Birmingham we budgeted for lower total funding in this school year. That is a reflection of past experience, projections of slightly lower enrollment, and a complete lack of confidence that Lansing will actually fix it global budgetary issues.

Even after the so called budget compromise, it continues to look like a shell game for school funding. There seems to be calls for yet another attack on districts like Birmingham, known as hold harmless districts, as a way to provide funding for other districts. I've posted how we are funded and the attack on 20J funds reflects a basic ignorance of the complex mechanics of school finance. Regardless, please write your representatives (contact list here) and encourage them to protect our district from unwarranted attacks on our budgets - ask them to protect 20J funds.

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