Thursday, October 22, 2009

20j Districts Violated By Governor, More Pain Added

The first blow was the $165 per student cut in state aid, it was tempered by understanding the cut was to be applied equally to all districts. Then the Governor made a conscious choice to unjustly punish the districts covered by the corrective 20j stipulation embedded in Proposal A. That took an average cut of $165 per student and amped it up an average cut of $242 in those 20j districts. Now to compound that exercise of monumentally poor judgement, those 20j district have been impaled by the addition of a new $127 per student cut. The average cut to 20j districts: $533.42 per student, for non-20j districts the cut is is $292. The data is shown below:

So what did the 20j districts do to deserve a punishment of nearly TWICE that imposed on all other districts? Some, like Livonia, East Lansing, and Northville are looking at cuts of over $600 per student. I think that the Governor has eviscerated the legislative intent of Proposal A, that should make some lawyers happy (remember Durant?).


Olivia said...
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oshea said...

Rob, as a parent with three children in the Birmingham Schools I want to compliment you on your clear analysis of the funding issue. Please keep up the good work. I'll be doing everything I can to steer fellow parents to your blog, and I'll be using it to make some points at the upcoming community meetings about the budget crisis.